ProyectoNEXT is an exclusive experience in discovering new talent wrapped around a convergence, featuring the “best of” emerging film and music currently about to break on the scene.  From showcasing the most talked about indie film to the latest studio release, ProyectoNEXT promises to deliver a fresh perspective at each premiere.  


Cultivating connections is the core of what ProyectoNEXT is about. In conjunction with our industry partners, we aim to facilitate a dialogue with filmmakers and industry leaders, guiding talent in acquisition discussions, professional council, project development and mentorship. 


It is with this approach - merging industry, audiences and social media, that we seek to improve diversity in the industry by providing it with a “Latino” list of creative voices to develop and collaborate with, curating and revealing artists that are best we discover each year.


In creating this opportunity, we aim to put the seal of freshness on the best in emerging Latino and Urban, film and music.

This is ProyectoNEXT, a NEW definition of breakthrough.

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